Restaurants in Frankfurt am Main


The Zenzakan provides enjoyment at 2,000 square meters: Red dim lights and an asian ambiance. The good is a combination of both french and asian cuisine, making it very unique. For example classic dishes such as steak and lamb can be found on the menu yet they are dressed in oriental sauces and spices. This restaurant offers private dining rooms, which would make the perfect setting for you and your date to become intimate over dinner.
Taunusanlage 15, 60325 Frankfurt am Main +49 (0) 69 97 08 69 08

Ivory Club

The ivory club is a colonial style restaurant that offers a modern interpretation of Indian food. It’s especially great for those who like seafood and meat. They have an open terrace allowing for customers to eat outside during the summer. However you may not want too as the indoors features a splendid exotic interior that is sure to excite you and your date.
Taunusanlage 15, 60325 Frankfurt am Main +49 (0) 69 770 677 67


Friends of Teppanyaki will love the Japanese restaurant Kabuki! If you like to see your food cooked in front of you, then this is the place for you. You can experience live how food is prepared and cooked before it is served to you on a hot steel plate. This restaurant offers real entertainment value. Kabuki is situated in a great location as it’s easily accessible due to its central location near the station.
Kaiserstraße 42, 60329 Frankfurt am Main +49(0)69 234 353

Roomers Restaurant

The Roomers restaurant is situated in the Roomers hotel, however you don’t have to stay at the hotel to enjoy its top class restaurant and bar. The Roomer’s restaurant offers international cuisine with creative flavors to tantalize your taste buds! The restaurant is particularly reknowned for its high quality meat dishes and excellent choice of wine. In the summer you can eat out in the conservatory, which provides a splendid view of the terrace, the conservatory is truly a sight to behold and equally as beautiful as the restaurants interior. Roomers provides private dining in their Sky lounge which is situated at the top floor of the hotel, and would make a perfect place for you and your date to enjoy a 5 course meal whilst admiring the view of the skyline and banking metropolis.
Gutleutstraße 85, 60329 Frankfurt am Main +49 (0)69 27 13 42 0

Ristorante Rustico

Located directly on the Zeil, the Ristorante Rustico offers delicious Italian food at extremely reasonable prices. The ambience of the small restaurant is cozy and is perfect for a romantic evening with your companion. The cuisine is traditional Sicialian and not necessarily that creative, but tastes great!
Große Friedberger Straße 16, 60313 Frankfurt am Main +49 (0)69 28 72 43

Ristorante Carmelo Greco
Restaurants in FFM

The Carmelo Greco restaurant offers the perfect collaboration of italian and french ingredients. The interior has a comfortable modern design and offers a classic 5 course dinner, a cheaper lunch menu is also offered.


Ziegelhüttenweg 1-3, 60598 Frankfurt am Main +49 (69) 606 089 67

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