Hotels in the Rhine-Main area

Hotels in the Rhine-Main area

Spa town of Wiesbaden

Nassauer Hof

Those who prefer a more classic style and have an appreciation for history will love Nassauer Hof. It is one of the grandest hotels in the world and is considered to be superior to most other 5 star hotels. The hotel is in a great location and has beautiful surroundings and is close by the luxury shopping malls of Wiesbaden, Wilhelmstraße. This makes the hotel all the more interesting for guests who wish to enjoy the city itself.
Kaiser-Friedrich-Platz 3-4, 65183 Wiesbaden +49 (0)611 133 0



The Hilton in Mainz is especially popular with business travellers. The close proximity of the Rhine and in particular the city center is what attracts most business people to this hotel. The hotel’s location allows you to quickly reach the Duomo and the charming old town. Treat yourself and your companion to a room with a river view- it’s worth it!
Rheinstraße 68, 55116 Mainz +49 (0) 6131 245 0

Hyatt Regency

The Hyatt Regency Mainz is modern and elegant hotel which provides a location equally as great as the Hilton nearby. Enjoy a relaxing stay at the spa, guests can relax with a good wine from the region on the terrace overlooking the Rhine.
Malakoff-Terrasse 1, 55116 Mainz +49 (0)6131 73 1234


Kempinski Villa Rothschild

If you and your companion appreciate historical ambiance and tranquillity, you should reserve a room at the Villa Rothschild. The building itself is a magnificent and is surrounded by a small park that is situated on a hill.
You can enjoy refreshments with your companion in the hotel bar and admire from a distance the skyline of Frankfurt. With only 22 rooms the Kempinski is one of the smallest hotels in the world and therefore has a very cosy and personal ambiance.
Im Rothschildpark 1 , 61462 Frankfurt +49 (0)6174 2908 0

Falkenstein Grand Kempinski

The Falkenstein hotel has 112 rooms and is also located in Koenigstein, it is substantially larger than it’s “little sister” Villa Rothschild, the interior is classic and stylish. The restaurant offers regional cuisine and the Ascara Spa which has been awarded for excellence. The hotel features a fantastic outdoor pool and fabulous views of Frankfurt.
Debusweg 6-18, 61462 Königstein im Taunus +49 (0)6174 900


Schlosshotel Kronberg

If you have a penchant for castles, then Schlosshotel Kronberg is for you. The hotel features panoramic views of a large park in the heart of Frankfurt. Inside the building you will feel like a king, as the interior is adorned with imperial trimmings and décor. The hotel provides a high class service and provides beautiful classically styled bars and restaurants.
Hainstraße 25, 61476 Kronberg +49 (0)6173 701 01

The last three of the aforementioned hotels are not far away from the city of Frankfurt, therefore we highly recommend them for those on a business trip and need to be close to the city. Close proximity to the city also ensures that you can enjoy all the city has to offer.

The hotels here are personal recommendations. Aura Escort has no business relationship with the hotels and is not benefiting in any way from recommending them.